Our Services

Cyber Security Awareness for Everyone


Offering real time Cyber Security education for students to build their career which will empower their lives


Post training and examination, students will be awarded Industry accredited and recognized cyber security certification

Job Opportunities

Candidates who are qualified have guaranteed Job Opportunities in Corporate, Private sectors or Other Industries

Our Methodology




HKCS Professionals will conduct Sessions to help students become Cyber Security Experts.


Simulated practical sessions will help students to understand real time cyber analysis

Virtual Labs

Student will be provided with cloud based practical sessions on multiple platforms and applications

Cyber Assessment

Qualifying Students get the Privilege of real time projects on Cyber Security Assessment




Currently Applicable to Government Colleges in Bengaluru who are empanelled with HKCS Foundation.

5 +

Security Researchers

25 +

Certified Batches

30 +

Government Colleges

10 +

Cyber Security Awards

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